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Springmatter offers a broad array of technology development services as well as business support structures. We provide developing companies with the tools they need when they need them, and we give them the most important resource of all: time. We also enable various service providers to participate in the process of company development by becoming part of the Springmatter network.

Springmatter is committed to facilitating the organic growth of emerging companies through non-dilutive funding. In this way, we help build them into sustainable, profitable companies. By activating the full umbrella of the Springmatter network, we can provide access to product research and development, low-rate initial production, and fundraising. Our resources, connections, expertise, university support, and ability to control high-impact costs expedite success.

Springmatter functions within a growth-based entrepreneurial community located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our facility offers coworking quarters,  testing and production space, meeting rooms, even a warehouse for small-run inventory. We invite you to tour the campus and get to know the people who are helping tomorrow’s sustainable companies thrive.

Technology Transfer


Tech Transfer is at once one of the most rewarding and challenging of pursuits, whether you are in a university, government agency, or industry setting. Success rates in licensing and forming new start-up companies typically fall below expectations. More times than not, this is not a reflection of the quality of technology innovation, but the lack of options for innovators and institutions that want to bring these technologies to life.

At Springmatter, we believe many groundbreaking technologies do not see the light of day because they do not immediately fit the model for obtaining outside investment. These technologies may hold the promise of solving difficult problems and could lead to very meaningful products and companies, but need some extra help to get there.

We believe many companies can be sustainable and profitable without outside investment, given the right resources at the right time. Others may eventually be put in a position to raise capital if they can get through the ‘valley of death.’ Springmatter leverages its engineering and business services to help companies solve critical problems in engineering, product development, business operations, and financing. The Springmatter umbrella also provides access to a network of industry partners, customers, suppliers, service providers, and advisors to fill in gaps.

Our approach is to work with tech transfer departments to identify promising technologies and provide strategies to bring them to market. Our vision is to be a force multiplier and help tech transfer dramatically increase the number of sustainable, profitable, meaningful technologies and companies brought to life.

The Springmatter Network


In addition to leveraging the companies under its umbrella, Springmatter regularly engages a number of external fundamental service providers, from precision machine shops and circuit board manufacturers to high-tech assembly providers and intellectual property experts.

The collaboration between Springmatter’s internal and external networks ensures that clients have the broadest access to the most effective tools for product and company development.

Intellectual Property


For an innovator or entrepreneur, one of the most difficult and costly aspects is protecting your intellectual property. Done poorly or insufficiently, it could hinder or prevent your company’s success. At Springmatter, we work with you and our attorneys to outline an IP strategy that makes sense for entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Our attorneys understand the importance of taking into account a company’s stage of development and business needs. Many services can be provided at fixed, predictable costs to help manage cash flow.

Our approach is to provide IP portfolio assessments as a service to entrepreneurs and tech transfer departments. These assessments can then be integrated into a company’s overall business strategy, helping to define product development, marketing, and financial decisions at an early stage.



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